PHP Update Manager

(project name: remote update)

Welcome to the website of "php update manager".

This project consists of a specification of how
a client should communicate with the server to fetch
it's updates.
The server is scaled to support hosting of mulitple applications at the same time.

Additionally this project provides reference implementation for this specification.
As it is mainly developped using php and for php applications, it comes that the communication makes use of base64_encode, base64_decode (which are avaliable on mulitple platforms) but also of serialize and unseralize, which are quite bound to php. Therefor a implementation using an other platform or language would at least require a new serialize/unseralize implementation!! (see also javeunserializer package on website)
Features such as rsa encryption and signature are put back to underlaying communication protocol, most likely http or https.

Currently there is a lack of documentation for tcp like sending of data, meaning the reference implementation just uses curl lib and specific content data, fetched by HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA. This is likely not to be avaliable on all servers, at least not on jservlets (i expect) and might therefor be changed to use the common http-post-form transmission.

Let's have look at .
There you'll also find CVS access. There is some basic version released right now.
Lotterland2 ( ) is going to be the first one with remoteupdate implementation.
Someday hobcms ( will follow, but it currently has a working update manager implemented. (So never change a running system?)

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